I can’t sleep until I write this down

Sometimes you need to empty your brain before you can fall asleep

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How is it that you have come to arrive here. Part 2

So, why did they fire you, you lazy bastard? Glad you asked. What was the first thing the VP of Operations say when I arrived in HR on my last day? “You came to our last quarterly operations meeting with the owner of the company and nodded off in the meeting.” Okay, you are 100%…

How is it that you have come to arrive here? Part 1

Last October, it became quite clear that the corporate culture at Sargent Aerospace was toxic. Both the General Manager and VP of Operations started at Sargent as interns from the UofA. Over 20 years ago. They had never received a paycheck that did not have “Sargent” written on the top of it. If this was…

Why am I doing this?

Wow, what a question. What a completely shitty year. Fired on March 1, 2020. Traveled to Las Vegas as a consultant the next week. The entire world shuts down before I can even fly back. These stories will get fleshed out as we go along.

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