How is it that you have come to arrive here. Part 2

So, why did they fire you, you lazy bastard?

Glad you asked. What was the first thing the VP of Operations say when I arrived in HR on my last day? “You came to our last quarterly operations meeting with the owner of the company and nodded off in the meeting.” Okay, you are 100% correct. How about this. Do you think I woke up that morning and said to myself “let’s fall asleep in the ops meeting.” Seems unlikely. How about this instead. I spent the weekend sick as a dog and only slept for 4 hours Sunday night. But, everyone is supposed to make it in for the ops meeting, even if I don’t have anything to present. So I drag my sick ass out of bed and come to the meeting. And nod off in the meeting for maybe 15 seconds. Like I have seen a half a dozen of your lifer buddies do over the past two years.

Second item. You are always late turning in paperwork. We had a very precise system to review new product orders. Interesting part of the system. It was used by two departments: Marine (me) and Aerospace (run by one of the lifer UofA posse). Oddly enough, Aerospace had a separate person who was responsible for the new order system. Marine only had the manager to complete the new order system. This took up to 8 hours of my week, every week.

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